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Russel Ortega: Future Broadway Star?

Meet Russel Ortega (‘21), the most well-known underclassmen, partly because of his welcoming and vibrant personality

Russel said he was never interested in theatre until his freshman year of high school. “When I heard high school did plays too, I was like, ‘oh yeah, I want to be a part of that.’” In the fall of 2017, he was a part of the play, Up the Down Staircase. The cast of the play encouraged him to be involved in the musical, Anything Goes.

,This fall he has a role in, I Hate Shakespeare. “I have three roles in the play, one of my characters was in Hamlet, the other one is in Macbeth, & my third character is not in any Shakespeare play, his name is Ted,” Russel chuckled.

He is planning on auditioning for High School Musical, when asked what part he preferred he said, “I would like to just be an extra, I enjoy just being a part of everything.”

Outside of school and play practice, (when he is not studying) he watches Black Mirror on Netflix, which he states is, “good, but creepy”.

Russel brightens up the hallways at Eastern. Students will tell you how much they love talking with Russel. “Russel is more confident than any other guy I know here at our school,”  said Lucy Dobson (‘19). Kennedy Pfeiffle(‘19) told The Hawk Herald that, “she loves Russel more than she loves herself.”  Russel is obviously a well-esteemed student here at FHE, and we are proud that he is a Hawk.

Kate Horling(’18) and Russel Ortega(’21) posing for a picture after the show Anything Goes
Photo taken off of @katehorling (Instagram)