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Recap of the Streamy Awards

Every year thousands of viewers tune in to watch their favorite YouTubers at The Streamy Awards. If you missed it, here is a recap of the winners!

Breakout Creator: Emma Chamberlain

Comedy: Brandon Rogers

Documentary: Shane Dawson, “The Truth About Tanacon”

First Person: David Dobrik

Dance: Matt Steffanina

Fashion: Niki and Gabi

Food: Worth It

Health and Wellness: Jay Shetty

Lifestyle: Merrell Twins

Pop Culture: Vogue’s 73 Question

Science or Education: Marques Brownlee

Storyteller: Gabbie Hanna

Acting in a Comedy: Liza Koshy, “Liza on Demand”

Acting in a Drama: Anna Akana, “Youth and Consequences”

Ensemble Cast: David’s Vlogs

Creator of the Year: Shane Dawson

Show of the Year: The Try Guys

Milk-Bone Dog of the Year Honor: Todd the Hero Dog

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