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Peppermint is a Report of Revenge

After Riley North watches her family get murdered in an attack by gang members, she starts to plan her revenge. When Riley wakes from her coma, hit with a wave of emotions, she realizes her family is gone forever and she has to start a new life. Now, Riley decides she must go into hiding. Peppermint is a movie to keep the audience amazed at the strength of character. Jennifer Gardner plays a strong lead in Riley North.

Flash forward five years, everybody involved in the trial is dropping like flies. That’s right, Riley is back and taking revenge on everybody involved in the trail. It starts with the three gang members, who murdered her family, hanging from a ferris wheel. Then she goes after the judges and lawyers, who let the criminals free. Her final plan is to go after the head of the cartel and take it down.

This movie showed great determination and self drive.  While given awful circumstances, Riley North overcame the death of her family and is now getting revenge on gang members, corrupt cops, lousy judges, and the head of the cartel.

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