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Month: October 2018

Conner Watson: A Storyteller Through Film

Conner Watson ’20 has been passionate about film for most of his life. As a young ten-year-old boy, Conner’s love for film sparked when he went to the first Avengers movie with a group of friends during his birthday party in 2012. After the film, he realized that the movie was made up and discovered movie magic for the first time.  “I didn’t understand how they made that happen. I was so fascinated with the…

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Russel Ortega- Future Broadway Star?

Meet Russel Ortega (‘21), the most well-known underclassmen, partly because of his welcoming and vibrant personality Russel said he was never interested in theatre until his freshman year of high school. “When I heard high school did plays too, I was like, ‘oh yeah, I want to be a part of that.’” In the fall of 2017, he was a part of the play, Up the Down Staircase. The cast of the play encouraged him…

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Bored? Here Are Fun Fall Things To Do Around Town

Colder weather, changing leaves, and a bit too much inside time at school! Good news, we’ve found the perfect solution to perfect fall weather in Michigan! There are plenty of fun fall things to occupy your not so busy days. Hot donuts, fresh cider, hay rides, walks through the apple orchard, and a corn maze, what could be better? Robinettes is the perfect place to spend some time this fall! Located at 3142 4 Mile…

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Peppermint is a Report of Revenge

After Riley North watches her family get murdered in an attack by gang members, she starts to plan her revenge. When Riley wakes from her coma, hit with a wave of emotions, she realizes her family is gone forever and she has to start a new life. Now, Riley decides she must go into hiding. Peppermint is a movie to keep the audience amazed at the strength of character. Jennifer Gardner plays a strong lead…

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Small Foot, Big Impact

Above the clouds on an icy mountaintop, hidden from the world below is a society that refutes all criticism. Perched atop that frigid peak is Yeti. The animated children’s film Small Footis a movie that flips the urban legend of humans searching for Big Foot, completely upside down. In this film, the main Yeti, Migo, lives with his father in a cave and dreams of taking over the family business of ringing the gong every…

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Students and staff showed their school pride this week by partaking in our school spirit days!!!! Scroll through to see some of the most spirited!! Thank you to all who participated, and student government for their creative spirited days! 

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