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Michigan State vs. Michigan

A game nearly as big as the Super Bowl.

Stirring up controversy and feuds as old as time itself.

Michigan vs Michigan State.

(Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The two rivals went up in arms this past weekend, resulting in another notch into Michigan’s belt. Winning with a lead of 21 to 7, the bets were settled and punishment was given.  I wondered about the origins of FHE students’ love of either Michigan or Michigan State and “fandom” for their preferred team. Many said it stemmed from family members being alumni, where other students follow the rankings and stats of each player more closely for the determination of a preferred school. 

Catherine Goldsmith, a sophomore said that her fondness for Michigan State is based on their astounding academics. In particular, “ their science program is awesome and they have a Vet school, and I would love to become a veterinarian one day.”  All in all, fans can range from average to over the top with these teams. David McCready, a senior, is one of these die-hard fans stating, “For Michigan, it’s been a pretty good season so far. The Notre Dame loss was pretty rough, but [Notre Dame] is a good team and undefeated. As for Michigan State? They suck, they lost to Northwestern.”

Showing support for favorite teams is shown through attire and attitude while also exhibiting paraphernalia such as tire covers, coffee mugs, or even huge flags hung on walls. Although Michigan may reign supreme after this past game and Paul Bunyan has returned to Ann Arbor the year, the Spartan pride is still alive!  For now, I think all that can be said is “Better Luck next year State.”

MSU vs M Game

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