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Marie Catrib’s- The End of An Era

As you probably know, West Michigan has its fair share of local and delicious restaurants. A favorite of many, Marie Catrib’s, has been open for almost thirteen years. The original owner, Marie herself, grew up in Lebanon, and she used her upbringing for inspiration for her delicious, unique, and locally sourced menu items. She created a welcoming atmosphere, loved by many. Quirky art pieces cover the walls, and as many chairs and tables are packed inside, to satisfy their never-ending stream of customers. Everything about Marie Catrib’s is incomparable. From their creatively designed menus, the food selections, including vegan fare, an exceptional staff all created a warm environment for customers. Marie herself wandered through the tables, to greet customers before her death five years ago. Her welcoming personality and cheerful face made the interactions she had with her customers, unforgettable. 

In 2008, Marie was diagnosed with Stage 2, Ovarian Cancer. She had to undergo chemotherapy as well as surgery, but her battle continued. Marie was overwhelmed with support during this hardship, and it was easy to tell just how many people loved and adored her. In June of 2013, Marie passed away at 65. Hundreds of customers and friends mourned the life of Marie, someone who had touched the lives of more people than imaginable. Marie’s sons, Fouda and Moussa, took over the business, but have decided to close the restaurant. Marie Catrib’s last day open is Saturday, October 20. A cookbook with many treasured recipes will be available soon. Marie Catrib’s in all its greatness will be missed dearly by many locals of the Grand Rapids area. 

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