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Local Donut Shops Worth Visiting

In celebration of fall, The Hawk Herald staff visited local donut shops. Instead of waiting in the line stretching past the road at Robinette’s, try some of these less well-known shops that are worth just the same amount of praise.

Sprinkles Donut Shop 

Perched in the midst of the developing metropolis that is downtown Ada, is the shop, Sprinkles. A donut shop that features specialized coffees and donuts. Walking in, we could tell that Sprinkles Donut Shop, was just getting off the ground. The walls were a little sparse, and there was sets and sets of empty chairs and tables. There was no music, so it seemed a bit like a warehouse feel over a donut shop. It was awkward and quiet, feeling like the employee was listening to everything we said. We ended up moving outside because of the awkwardness of it.

Custard Filled Long John-  It had all the components, sweet custard middle, decadent chocolate outside, and a decent dough. It was baked perfectly; however, it was not something that is in my opinion outstanding. But it is a nice place to take a break, have a donut, and move on with the day.

Raspberry Jelly Filled- They had a wide variety of donuts, the kind I tasted was raspberry jelly-filled. It was a bit dry, and there was not much filling in it. It was satisfying and it was a decent donut. Nothing I would brag about.

Van’s Pastry Shoppe

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Sandwiched between eclectic thrift shops and antique stores, sitting in the midst of the busy street of Fulton is the “diamond in the rough” that is Van’s. Van’s Pastry Shoppe was the perfect destination for shoppers looking for a cheap and quick bite. It is a business that customers walk into and are immediately bombarded with a child-like fascination with the walls lined with cookie jars. Characters who have vanished from the media, resurface as if they’ve never left. Family-owned and operated, we could tell that Van’s has been a favorite for a long time. Donuts, cinnamon rolls, bread, cookies, and gobs of other treats could be seen through their glass case. It was a quirky step into the past that left us all feeling nostalgic.

Custard Long John- It was a whimsical experience on my taste buds. The texture was that of biting into a cloud, accompanied with the rich chocolate coating on the top and the smooth custard on the inside. 

Raspberry Jelly-Filled- I had a jelly-filled donut, and for the price, it was delicious and left my stomach and wallet smiling.

Heidi’s Farmstand and Bakery

If looking for a little family fun, go to Heidi’s Farmstand. Heidi’s is a pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting zoo, and overall birthplace of fall activities. Perfectly encompassing the essence of fall Heidi’s has a plethora of activities that are perfect for all ages. They also sell fabulous bakery items: bread, muffins, donuts. The fresh produce available in the market is quite enticing if looking for farm-fresh vegetables.

Chocolate Covered Donut: I had a regular chocolate covered donut, it tasted like my childhood. The warmth rising, the crunch from the fried dough, the soft middle, and the sweet sweet chocolate. Heidi’s has all types of donuts, but the original style are by far the best. 

Maple-Covered Donut: The freshness of the donut compared to the other donut shops was incomparable. The maple on the top of the donut matched with the warm cake donut made you want this donut to never end. It was the perfect morning wake up.

Cinnamon Sugar: Robinette’s is famous for their cinnamon sugar donuts, while Heidi’s donuts are not as well-known. The cinnamon sugar donut is a treat that left me wanting more than one. It’s cinnamon sugar flavors brought a wash of childhood memories as I ate each bite. It was still warm, tasted like a perfect October morning with cool air and a rising sun. 

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