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Keep your eye out for the Ada Witch

Around Halloween, the stories of ghosts and ghouls are resurrected to put us all in the Halloween spirit! One famously known spirited story here at FHE is the story of Ada Witch. Teens and paranormal hunters attempt to catch a glimpse of her when fall and specifically, October, rolls around. There are multiple videos on Youtube of people pursuing the Ada Witch and in some videos, a glimpse of her can be seen.

A screenshot of video, “Ada Witch Hunt 2009”, shows the Ada Witch

The legend begins in the late 1800s. A married woman was having an affair and she waited for her husband to fall asleep and snuck out to meet her lover. This was not the only time this happened, her husband had suspicions and followed her one night into the woods at Seidman Park. Witnessing his suspicions of betrayal by his wife were true, he confronted the couple and murdered them both in Seidman Park.

Legend claims people near the woods or the cemetery hear a woman crying, the sounds of ruffled fighting, the feeling of being tapped on the shoulder or hearing footsteps when no one is there. People have claimed to see a woman in white or greenish-blue apparitions appear and disappear.

Doing research on the Ada Witch has not been easy, we have not been able to gather much research about her. Committed to the idea of learning more, The Hawk Herald decided to check out the places she has been seen and do a little research ourselves late on Saturday evening in October. We, The Hawk Herald, channeled our own Ghostbusters.

Disclaimer: Seek permission if you visit after hours, don’t vandalize or act obnoxious. Be respectful of this and all rumored haunted locations and cemeteries.

On the night of October 20, four of the staff at Hawk Herald began the search for the Ada Witch. We met at FHE’s parking lot just as the sun was setting. The evening had a malicious feeling, as though the weather knew we were up to no good. Dark clouds filled the horizon with a hue of purple, and the wind shook trees to the point it looked like they would fall over.

The Ada Witch had previously been spotted on the side of the road on 2 Mile, Bailey Dr., Conservation Rd, & Honey Creek, so naturally, we drove multiple times on all these roads. Throughout the drive, we had this eerie feeling that a presence was with us. We were all tense and jumped at any little motion we saw. We drove around for about an hour and a half, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

Mysterious happenings happened to us as we drove along these roads, a tree branch fell in front of the car, the car could not accelerate at certain areas where Ada Witch’s presence is the highest, and Lucy Dobson (the driver) lost control of the steering wheel. Was this the Ada Witch trying to scare us away?  Driving down Bailey Dr. we all of a sudden realized we were near Lowell. It seemed as though we had been driving for 10 minutes, but it had been over a half an hour. Time seemed to be nonexistent as we looked for her. Sadly, we were not able to enter the cemetery or park she has been spotted in because of closings at dark. We never saw her face to face, but we could feel the presence of her throughout the drive.

Do you dare to search for the Ada Witch? 

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