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I Hate Shakespeare Kicks Off the 2018-19 Theatre Season

Theatre kids are preparing for the debut of I Hate Shakespeare, FHE’s fall play this season. The play is about Hamlet, played by Austin Sietsma ’20,  who is trying to convince the Unhappy Person in the Audience, played by Lucy Dobson ’19, that Shakespeare is still relevant and important to study today. Lucy describes that her character is “extremely rude and quite standoffish [to Hamlet].” The show includes zombies, a fight scene, Shakespeare’s characters, and Jerry Springer.

Art for the posters and t-shirts for I Hate Shakespeare

The atmosphere of rehearsals creates a sense of belonging for all who enter. Austin explained that rehearsals are “exciting, but a little stressful” because of the lack of time before opening night. Lucy stated she “loves [rehearsals]. Everyone is working hard, and adding their own personal touches to the show.” Everyone is anxiously anticipating the opening night while learning their lines and laughing with fellow cast members.

Austin expressed his excitement for the show. Despite it being his second show at FHE, it’s his first lead role. He explained, “Other times I’ve been kind of a lead, maybe a minor character, but in this show, I’m the main character and that’s really cool.” Austin loves working with the cast on this show and cannot wait for opening night.

When asked about her feelings on being in her last play as an FHE student, Lucy said that it’s obviously “bittersweet. Theatre is an amazing thing to be a part of. However, I am not spending too much time focusing on the fact that it’s over. I am so excited about this particular show.” Many seniors can agree with Lucy while they try not to accept the fact that we won’t be here for next year’s theatre season. Good luck to all the seniors who are a part of the show.

I Hate Shakespeare debuts on Thursday, November 1, including two more shows on Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3 all starting at 7:00 pm in FHE’s auditorium. Tickets are on sale now on We hope to see you there!

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