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Conner Watson: A Storyteller Through Film

Conner Watson ’20 has been passionate about film for most of his life. As a young ten-year-old boy, Conner’s love for film sparked when he went to the first Avengers movie with a group of friends during his birthday party in 2012. After the film, he realized that the movie was made up and discovered movie magic for the first time.  “I didn’t understand how they made that happen. I was so fascinated with the idea of filmmaking that I started making my own [films],” Conner shared.

As of now, Conner has created five films, including The Donut Conspiracy, UFO, Campfire, and The Steak Out, which is a pun because “it’s about meat and vegans. It’s pretty funny,” Conner said. Recently, he wrote, acted, and co-directed his film, Manic, over the summer of 2018. The teaser for his film is on his YouTube channel, A and C Productions. The film is close to feature-length and is Conner’s longest film thus far. It’s about two brothers named Morgan Allen and James Allen. Their parents go away for the weekend and “instead of throwing a huge raging party, they want to have a fun weekend to bond as brothers. Then a murderer shows up,” Conner stated.  Manic will be released on October 30, 2018.

Conner also writes his own music for his films and for fun. He started writing his own music at age fifteen when he received a keyboard for his birthday. He started playing it because he wanted to learn how to play themes from TV shows and movies. He was trying to “figure out how to play the Gravity Falls theme song and I didn’t understand the concept of Googling the song, but I ended up playing something really cool, even though it wasn’t the right thing at the time,” Conner expressed. Conner intends to continue telling stories and “believes [film] is the best form of storytelling.” FHE cannot wait to view and listen to his work!

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