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Cedric Steed: Parking Lots

Cedric Rose Steed, the lead singer and guitarist of Parking Lots, played his first live show Saturday night.

Cedric Steed has been playing with his current band Parking Lots for about 6 months. Before joining Parking Lots, Cedric was a member of the bands Wealthy and Diamond and Catch of the Century.

After leaving Catch of the Century, Cedric and Catch of the Century’s guitar player Zach began working on original music. They recruited Bradley—who is, in Cedric’s words, a “very very gentle” individual—to play the bass. Using Zach’s recording equipment, they created their first album: Parking Lots. The album is now available on Spotify.*

Cedric describes their genre of music as “low-fi art rock” mixed with “a little indy” and “a little alternative.” Their most popular song on Spotify is “Happy Winter Solstice.” Cedric’s motivation behind the piece is “changing seasons and sadness in the winter time.” “Happy Winter Solstice” conveys the mood of winter: grey skies, frigid wind, and short days.

Cedric’s personal favorite of Parking Lots’ songs is “Give Up on Art” because it is “an interesting and angry” concept. The song features the lyrics “give up on art before it gives up on you.” The interpretation of the lyrics is left to the listener.

Parking Lots’ concert was held in a basement decorated with silver streamers and lights that alternated colors, casting shades of red and blue on the walls. The setlist contained songs like “Let’s Burn Styrofoam,” “Diane Arbus,” and more, including some that have yet to be released. Despite a few technical difficulties (the amp caught on fire), the audience was engaged throughout the entirety of the performance.

After high school, Cedric plans to move out West to the desert to pursue music.

Cedric has not announced the release date of the new music yet. Follow @parkinglotsmusic on Instagram for updates on music releases and concerts.

*Check out Parking Lots on Spotify:

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