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10 DIY Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is just around the corner!   Like many people, maybe you haven’t even thought about a costume to wear. If you don’t already have a costume, here are some last-minute DIY costumes.

A Cactus 

For this costume you will need a green sweater, pipe cleaner,  and a flower headband. Then twist the pipe cleaner through the sweater. 

Cereal Killer 

Grab a white t-shirt, red paint, a sharpie, small cereal boxes, and plastic knives. Start with writing “cereal killer” on the front, then glue the boxes on the shirt. Next, put the knives in the boxes and finally spatter red paint everywhere. 


Get a t-shirt, tutu, and tube socks that match colors, and white paper. Cut out the paper into a “m” and glue it to the shirt.

Pineapple & Strawberry 

For this one, you will need either a yellow or red t-shirt, white or black paint, a headband, and green paper. First, cut out the green paper into leave shapes and glue it to the headband. For the pineapple, use the black paint to draw an upside down “v” pattern on the shirt. For the strawberry, use the white paint to make a teardrop pattern on the shirt.


Grab some paper, yellow spray paint, a white t-shirt, and a red and white striped skirt. You’ll need you crumple the paper up into balls, then spray paint it yellow and once it drys, glue it to the shirt.

Jelly Bean

For this one, get some colored balloons, a large clear bag, some string, and print out a Jelly Bean logo. Start with blowing up the balloons and putting them in the bag. Then, tape or glue the string to the bag and loosely tie the  string around your neck. Finally, tape the Jelly Bean logo to the bag. 


Get a white t-shirt, black paint, some paper, and a headband. Start with cutting the paper into dog ears and painting black circles on it. Next, glue the ears to a headband. Then, paint black circles on the shirts too. 

Dot Candy

For this one, you will need a white t-shirt and yellow, blue, and pink paint. All you have to do is paint circles in two lines of each color. 

Dancing Emoji

Grab some black paper, a headband, black t-shirt, and a black tutu. Start with cutting out the paper into the shapes of bunny ears. Then, glue them to the headband. 

Gum Ball Machine

You will need a white t-shirt, red pants, pom pom balls, and a 25 cent sign. All you have to do it glue the pom pom balls to the t-shirt and then tie the sign to your pants. 

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