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What Happens at Senior Retreat Stays at Senior Retreat

Seniors first meeting at the front of Camp Henry.

Forest Hills Eastern has had twelve senior classes since our grand opening in August 2004; however, a senior retreat didn’t exist until 2011. Before that time, the seniors enjoyed an all-night party, which now happens after graduation. Our former principal, Mr. Harvey, started this tradition during his first year working with us in 2011. He wanted to bring the senior class together in an overnight retreat.

For many underclassmen, Senior Retreat may be something they’ve never heard of before. Senior Retreat is an overnight trip at Camp Henry to “unify the senior class as a whole to start their last year of high school,”  Ms. Deveranne, the Senior Advisor for the class of 2019, explained. Many students walk away from Camp Henry feeling closer to, not only their friends but feeling closer to their classmates.

   Whether it be the color run or the bonfire, the class of 2019 left Camp Henry with many memories and stories to tell the underclassmen. Students look forward to this trip for the majority of their high school career. Teachers, also, anticipate the trip and love to go; it unifies the teachers with the senior class and other teachers.

A brand new addition to the trip this year was a talent show, which replaced a scavenger hunt from previous years. It was exciting and fun to cheer on fellow classmates in the talent show. From dancing to singing to poetry, it was an overwhelming success.

   Brandon Pham ‘19, a member of the Senior Squad, hosted the talent show and sang with his friends during the last performance. But he “honestly didn’t know I was going to be hosting it…but it ended up being really fun.”

   Before the sun went down, our class had a color war, which was a free-for-all flag football game. We wore white t-shirts that were smattered with different colored paint for teams. This is Ms. Deveranne’s favorite activity, because “everybody was doing something together and it was fun to watch [the seniors] run around.”

  The pizza party before the bonfire led to shouting out Eastern’s cheers and our fight song. Seniors were smiling and singing with their classmates while banging on the tables in time to the rhythm as we waited for the pizza to arrive.

   Towards the end of the night, a bonfire is lit up by the waterfront at Camp Henry. It’s the highlight of Senior Retreat. Sitting under the stars, next to your closest friends and peers, is something that can’t be found anywhere else. It was an amazing experience.

Senior Retreat for the class of 2019 brought many memories and inside jokes for the entirety of the senior class. Sophie Henkel ‘19 added that students “will have an amazing time with their friends and [peers].” The Hawk Herald senior staff members wish the underclassmen well for their senior retreat in the coming years.  

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