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The Expressive and Well-Respected Ms. Devarenne

By Lucy Dobson and Kennedy Pfeiffle

It is safe to say, that Ms. Devarenne is one of the most involved teachers in the students and community here at FHE. Leading the senior squad and organizing all the senior events, is no easy task, but Ms. Devarenne executes this task just about perfectly.  In the classroom, her teaching style shows her passion about education and her involvement with students. For example, her students can be found creating plaster masks of their faces in the art room,  or acting out a Greek tragedy. No matter what, she aspires to teach her students that the past, present, and future, are all intertwined, and she urges students to break away from the “island of duh.”  Not only is Ms. Devarenne dedicated in her own classroom, but she also has big ideas for the education system as a whole. She encourages choice for students and believes the arts and education in media should a part of your everyday. 

“We have not prepared kids for the world of technology. That just disturbs me to the core, ” Devaranne expressed. Whether you find your self completely submerged in one of her English classes, have seen her in charge at many of the senior events, pep rallies, or heard her alluring voice across the hall, you know Ms. Devarenne in all her greatness!


  1. Andy Evans Andy Evans

    I 100% agree! Honored to work work with you. You do so much for our school! Thank you!

  2. Joan Baker Joan Baker

    Ms. Devarenne is exceptional, and I miss working across the hall from her! Go Hawks!

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