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Netflix Has Released Two Viral Teen Movies- One a Hit the other a Miss?

By Lucy Dobson and Kennedy Pfeiffle

      Does then name Peter Kavinsky ring a bell? If you have been keeping up with the latest entertainment buzz, you probably heard or seen the name somewhere.  Recently Netflix has released two movies, starring Noah Centineo, the latest heart throb of many teen girls, better known as Peter Kavinsky or Jamey. The first movie, To All the Boys I Loved Before, is the latest rom-com, up to date with the current lives and society of teenagers . Lara Jean (Lana Condor) has a life that seems pretty normal, until her love notes written to her crushes, old and new, get sent out. Lara Jean must face embarrassment, and a line of confused boys who have received these letters, including her big sisters ex-boyfriend. In order to play it off and avoid being the laughing stock of the whole school, Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, one of the boys who received a letter, strike up a deal to help them both with their chaotic love lives. Peter and Lara fool the school with a fake relationship, to spark jealousy with Peters ex, and drive the boys with notes away from Lara Jean.  Will it turn into something more? To All the Boys I Loved Before, originally a book, has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, and there is already talk of a sequel, it’s clear that this movie and its characters have won the hearts of just about everyone. The most heart warming aspect of the movie, is the wholesome, pure way Lara Jean gets to know Noah. This movie steps away from the “love at first sight” connection, and more towards the necessary getting to know a person and their story, type of love. The movie ends with a choice for Lara Jean. Does she break out of her comfort bubble and be honest about her feelings, or does she stick to what she’s been doing to survive high school? This movie will leave you with a smile on your face, and will encourage you to put yourself out there like Lara Jean.

       However, despite the high that came from To All the Boys I Loved Before, the buzz is now about Sierra Burgess is a Loser. Many waited and waited for this sequel to the Noah Centineo series, only to be confronted by a pinnacle of controversy. But before delving into the outrage surrounding this film, lets get some background. The film centers around a teenage girl named Sierra Burgess, she like any other high school girl feels inferior to the rest of her peers. Overcome with low self-esteem and little hope for the future. Sarah is the daughter of a father who is a famous author, and a mother who is a well-known self-help/motivational speaker, Sierra is, a band geek. Dealing with the “queen bee” of the school,Veronica, Sierra is thrown into a situation that is believed to only happen in movies. Here’s where things get controversial, Veronica gives Sierra’s phone number to a boy (Jamey/Noah Centineo) at a diner, as a joke. But it turns into a teenage fantasy. Having a cute boy text you is one that girls in Sierra’s position, dream come true. This turns from prank to romance. The controversy stems from the seemingly meaningless prank that Veronica played, the issue is now that Sierra is Catfishing Jamey. The internet is rebelling against the plot of this film due to their overwhelming belief that it is encouraging Catfishing. Although Catfishing is not illegal, it is definitely a branch off of the gnarled tree of identity theft. Yet viewers did not stop their criticism at the topic of Catfishing, moving through the rest of the film another issue arises;the mockery and offense of the Deaf community. Jamey’s (Noah Centineo) brother in this film is deaf. That wasn’t the issue, the issue was once again with the character of Sierra. At one point of the movie, after the continuous development of Jamey and Sierra’s relationship entering a new realm of talking on the phone, Sierra runs into Jamey at a park. In order to maintain her secret she pretends to be deaf. Only to realize that Jamey’s brother is in fact deaf. Members of the Deaf community found Sierra’s mockery extremely offensive. Once again the anger does not stop their…Despite the original hatred between Sierra and Veronica, it blossomed into a friendship. At first glance many will see this act as endearing and inspiring. Showing that you can’t judge someone without understanding them, this act of inspiration soon transcended into an act of betrayal. After a misunderstanding Sierra hacked Veronica’s instagram and publicly humiliated her in front of the school, and Jamey. But there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel, Noah Centineo’s character seemed to avoid scrutiny, which means that his legacy may continue. His charming smile will continue to captivate the hearts of billions of young girls around the world. As for Sierra, maybe she really is a loser.

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