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Matthew Howing: Singer, Dancer, Artist

Matthew Howing (‘19) is a loved and well known senior here at Eastern. He has many talents that he loves to share with his class.

Over the Senior Retreat Matthew performed the song, Remember Me, for the talent show. When asking about why he chose to sing, Remember Me, he responded by saying, “Its a breathtaking, beautiful, emotional song.” He sang his rendition and received a standing ovation that he fully soaked in.

During the dance party at the Senior Retreat, he stood on stage dancing the night away. At one point all the seniors cheered him on by chanting, “Howing! Howing! Howing!” Asking about how he learned to dance so well he responded, “pssh, I was born talented. I was better when I was little.” His dance style is, “like Michael Jackson,” and witnessing his dancing I can confirm that is true.

A charming singer and smooth dancer, what else could Howing have in store?

Matthew someday wants to have his own fashion line. He describes his fashion as, “kinda funky and weird” and that, “a lot of his dresses include seashells on them.”

Matthew also has a piece in ArtPrize this year. It is located in the Gerald R. Ford Airport. “It is a bunch of designs, made into a puzzle.” He told The Hawk Herald. Go and support Matthews’ piece by visiting it and voting for it online!

Faced with Autism, Matthew faces it head on and jumps over that obstacle and getting rid of the stereotypes about Autism. He is a very talented individual and all of us here at Eastern are looking forward to seeing what Matthew does next.

Matthew Howing (’19) standing with his poster promoting his ArtPrize submission. 

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    I can’t wait to check out the Art Prize entry.

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