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Lil Naan: Did he leave his rapping days in middle school?

Nanda Murali, an ex-aspiring rapper, may be officially done with his rap career.

Nanda, aka Lil Naan, has been making rap music for his loyal followers on SoundCloud since December of last year. His first piece was a collaboration with Eastern alumni Yangster. Nanda said that it was “just for fun” and that he “didn’t realize it would blow up.”

The surge in popularity within his grade at Eastern was totally unexpected by Nanda. “I guess my fans call themselves Lil Naansters,” he said, laughing. Nanda’s rapper name, Lil Naan, was recommended to him by some of his friends as a reference to Naan bread. Nanda explained that Lil Naan is a character or a “meme.”

Last year, Nanda performed with some of his friends in the famous Eastern Middle School talent show.  “I was just a hype man. I didn’t really rap.” The group named themselves Lil Naan and the Blonde Boys. They performed their own unique rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” “It was just for fun,” said Nanda. He knew at the time that this would be the last performance of his career.

Nanda’s personal favorite of his songs on SoundCloud is “Dreamin’” because it “has a deeper meaning or whatever.” The song features lyrics explaining Lil Naan’s choice to stop rapping, like “Is this life even right for me?” and “everything I do seems like a bite to me.” However, the question remains: Is Lil Naan really dead?

On whether or not he plans to make more music, Nanda said, “I think I’m probably done.” He logged out of his instagram, @lilnaanofficial, and posted on his personal account telling his followers to “forget about Lil Naan.”

When asked their opinions on Lil Naan, his classmates replied:

“I think if Jesus can be resurrected, why can’t Lil Naan be?” -Camy Pfister

“Even though Lil Naan is dead, the Lil Naanster in our hearts lives on.” -anonymous

“Lil Naan is lit.” -Paige Endres

Nanda hinted that there is a possibility that Lil Naan will make an appearance in one of the Blonde Boy’s future songs, but there is no guarantee. It seems more likely that Nanda’s future in music will be focused on the guitar, the cello, or the piano. However, his fans, the Lil Naansters, still have hope that Lil Naan will return.

Check out Lil Naan on SoundCloud:


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